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May 2020

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Choosing a Brand

If you’re in the market for a new garage door, you have a lot of choices. As with any home improvement purchase, it’s important to choose the right brand. The Overhead Door™ brand has been trusted for more than 95 years and provides an exclusive network of professional distributors and technicians who pride themselves on

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Curb Appeal

Want to add more curb appeal and make your home “pop”? Just change the garage door, and take it from basic to beautiful. Learn how you can amp up your curb appeal by selecting your next garage door from many different style options, materials, colors and accessories.

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Garage Door Prices

There are many things that can influence the price of a garage door, such as style, type of material, and size. The Overhead Door™ garage door collections offers a complete line of garage door selections ranging from premium to economical and everything in-between. Learn about what to keep in mind when considering a garage door

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